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March and April are awesome times to go but are popular due to spring breaks. To confirm what I think this means is that people staying at the resort will have access to park 1hr earlier? We were planning on doing a character breakfast to get in early as well. Is it still worth it? So we are planning a 1 day trip to Disney prior to embarking on a cruise. Our Disney date is Jan 19th, Now I see this is smack in the middle of marathon weekend how will this impact me and do you have any tips and tricks.

Thank you so much for this very informative info. Hey Julie! I think you will be totally fine visiting on the 10th. The race will be over before the parks open so the only issue might be traffic in the morning. Hello Leah, I hope to get some advice from you.

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This is our 2 nd trip to disney and we got lucky the last time we went in September and enjoyed it alot. So this year I booked a short trip on November 17thth at AOA since it is the only week my husband got his time off. What do you think about the crowd level in that week. Hi Vicky! I think that week will actually be a great time to go. Have fun! Planning a trip for my 4 and 6 year old end of January Looking at the weeks of Jan or Jan Wondering if the week of Jan 20 would be busy as many people have Jan 20 off school and work for Martin Luther King day?

Any suggestions on which week would be preferred? I think the second date would be better! Hey Leah, Thank you so much for all of your info. My husband has a convention in Orlando in January, so we were going to go to the parks Jan. I see that is marathon weekend. Is this a bad idea? Hi Mary! Traffic in the mornings is the main concern during the marathon events. If you wanted to avoid any issues you could wait and head to the parks after 10 am when everything is cleared out. Hi Catherine! This is a pretty busy time at Disney World.

Crowds generally build the closer you get to Easter. My family and I are coming Oct. I know HS will be pretty busy because of Star Wars, but what about the other parks? Am I going to regret this decision? Hi Michelle! I think you are right about Hollywood Studios being extra crowded. I can;t say if this October will be more crowded than in years past. So be prepared with FastPasses the 60 day window opens soon if you are staying on property!

Wish we had read this before we booked our flights! Great summary and clearly very helpful to your readers. Hello I want to take my family in December but not sure what week may be best. Also best value with which resort. Hi April! I think the earlier in December the better for crowds and cost. Hi there. I love your post. Thanks so much for sharing.

I was planning on a visit early February in hopes the crowds would be low to super bowl. I just found out the super bowl is going to be in Miami. Do you think this will bring crowds to the parks? Normally crowds are quote low on the actual day of the Super Bowl.

If you were choosing between the first week of Mar or May , which would you chose? Thank you! Hi James! Definitely the first week of May. Hi Dee! We are a family of 6 people, we are flexible on when to go to Disney world but were hoping to go in and preferably after Aug. Our kids are young so we can pull them out of school. If they open it in November that will obviously affect crowd levels.

When is the best time you can suggest to go? Hi Tany! Hurricane season is roughly June through October so avoid those months. Se are planning a trip to Disney the last week in July, right before my kids go back to school. What do you think prices and crowds will be like? Do you think the crowds will still be lower in September even though Galxays edge is opening up in August of this year? Hi Krystin! Hi, we are planning our 5th trip to Disney World this Dec 18 We were at Disny World 2 years ago March 7 to March 22 it was busy but we got through all the rides and shows, will December be Busy like it was in March or Busier.

Hi Felicia! The busiest week of the year is the week between Christmas and New Years. Hope that helps! Hey Leah This is our first time going to WDW and we are going April if you have any suggests on anything please let me know!!! Hi Rick! Hi Lori! When we travel with my dad we like to get connecting rooms so everyone has their own space but we can be together as much as we want. Though I strongly prefer to stay on Disney property if at all possible!

Hi Natalie! It will be crowded, but not nearly as bad as the holidays. The two keys are to visit the right park on the right day using a crowd calendar and the second key is to really understand the FastPass system and make good use of it. Hi Leah We are looking at doing a trip in we are from South Africa — do u have recommended dates for that year or am i being too hasty. My son turns 3 on 3 Nov so we want to go before that so that he goes into the parks for free. Hi Vanessa! I would suggest a trip at the end of October and even into November.

The heat will be more manageable then than in September though average highs are still above 80 degrees F and it is the very end of hurricane season. Plus the fall decorations are incredible! The prices are good this time of year, too. Party dates will be released in the spring of that year. Hi Sam! Hi Leah — this is great information! I am planning a trip for early , but have seen so many conflicting articles on the best time to go. I am thinking some time late Jan — early May.

It will be two adults and 4 kids 13,12,9,8 Can you give me your best suggestion? So I guess it depends on how warm is hot to you, LOL. Any advice, or suggestions? Hi Josie! In general, early October will be less crowded. March brings spring breaks like yours! If traveling to Disney in September, please know that this is peak hurricane season time. Disney got hit big in Sept when Hurricane Irma plowed through.

And hurricanes have been increasing in number and intensity over the last few years. If you must go in Sept, buy travel insurance! We went at the end of October in and it was great except for Epcot. We were there for only 2 hours. It was not very family friendly.

And also know that the 1st week of December is Pop Warner week. It can get loud and unruly. Thanks for sharing, Peg! We go to Disney every September and have been lucky to never have an issue with hurricanes. Last year we lucked out and went a few days after Irma and there was no damage to speak of, but there is always a chance so I agree with you that travel insurance is a great idea!

I avoid Epcot on Friday through Sunday during the festival for that reason.

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It is very different during the week in my experience at least — way less crowded and very little drunkenness. And great advice about Pop Warner week. You will not notice it at all at Saratoga. Thanks again for all of your input! But we really want to enjoy a crowd-free trip. Crowds and weather are the most important factors. What would you do? Are you at all interested in Star Wars land? It is more likely to be open by September but no guarantees. The surge in crowds will be tremendous when it opens.

Also, the weather is way more reliable in May — not much rain and no hurricanes. It is a great time of year to go, just slightly more expensive than September. That is the only week we can go due to her school and work commitments. I just learned that part of our stay will be during the marathon and I am very concerned about how that will impact our time there. Can you tell me what to expect as far as park crowds and bus transportation? I am not a trooper, however, when it comes to fighting big crowds and standing in extra long lines. Should I consider rescheduling for the following year in hopes of missing the marathon?

Hi there! The events that cause the biggest disruptions are the marathon and half-marathon and they are on the 12th and 13th when you will already be gone. E went to Disney this past November from the 26 th to the 4 th of December it was so crowded? The weather was nice tho. So sorry it was more crowded at the parks than you were expecting, Diana.

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That is a great time of year to visit, but there will always be crowds at Disney World — it is just HOW crowded it will be! I think it is becoming more and more important to get to the parks at least 30 minutes before opening and be very strategic about what parks you visit on what days. That really can help with the crowds. We just took a vacation to Disney Feb. Hi Shannon! Another reader visited February and commented that she experienced light crowds and was even able to cancel some FastPasses.

We just got back from a 5 day stay at the Art of Animation Cars resort Feb , This timing was perfect, allowing us to cancel several of our fast passes due to light crowds, with minimal waiting times. Counter meals were also a breeze. Weather was mild, requiring jackets or sweatshirts early AM and evenings, but very pleasant mid day.

Glad you experienced light crowds and nice weather. I went about a week after you and had the same experience. February might become one of my new favorite times to visit! My eldest child graduates from high school this coming May. And it is my desire to do a big […]. Thank you for the information it is very helpful. I am planning our trip for the week before thanksgiving. However, do you know if the holiday decorations will be up at that time?

Would hate to miss that! Thank you so much! Hi Jessica! The other parks are hit or miss. Trees, etc. Hope that helps. Hi Samantha! Yep, you will have awesome weather and pretty low crowds. Planning a trip Feb. Thanks in advance. Those days look the best and that happens to be the order I prefer anyway!

Late May is an awesome time to visit if you are looking for lower crowds. Just make sure you are gone by the Thursday before Memorial Day when crowds start to ramp up! If planning a WDW family 6 adults 2 year old, 4 year old and a 12 year old vacation in April or May when is the best time to book. Disney should release its rates for both room-only and package stays for in late June.

Hi Leah, thanks for your post, I found it very interesting since your point of view considers weather, crowds and price. My main concern is finding low crowds in the parks. Could you tell me what is your opinion on visiting disney on late august? Thanks a lot. I think you will find overall low crowd levels in the parks after August 30th and throughout September. The exception would be Labor Day weekend September 2nd through 4th this year which will have very high crowds. It will be very hot but if you can handle the heat then its a great time to visit!

Thanks for stopping by, Lucio! Hi Chrissy!

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You can use all of the pools at your resort, regardless of your room location! Thank you for all your great tips. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am a teacher and therefore, cannot travel during your recommended dates you provided. This, of course, makes my heart very sad. So, we were planning on Thanksgiving week, what do you think? Hi Norma! I think of all the school breaks, Thanksgiving is the least crowded.

Definitely less so than Christmas! Also the weather is usually nice and mild. It really depends on how much time you have to spend learning about all of the aspects of planning a Disney vacation. If you have the time and you like to DIY, then you can likely save money planning yourself. Give me some good news.. March and we are staying at one of the other value resorts, that movie one, have you ever been there?

All Star Movies is actually my favorite of the All Star resorts! Are you traveling with little ones? The kiddie pool area there is really fun. Be sure to walk around the resort and check out all of the areas, the Toy Story courtyard is fantastic. I think you will encounter moderately high crowds but nothing like Easter week. Be sure to plan your visits to the Magic Kingdom carefully. I generally avoid Saturdays and Mondays there. Hi Megan! Should be great, especially at the beginning of your trip since it is before most spring break crowds arrive! Hey Laura! October is overall a good time to visit since schools are generally in session.

If you use a crowd calendar to plan your park days carefully you will have a great trip! I am planning on going either April 29th — May 6th or May 6th — May 13th for my birthday. After Easter and before school lets out is one of my favorite times to visit! I went the week after Easter last year and it was perfect. Hope you have a great time celebrating your birthday at Disney World.

That is the week Im going to WDW for the first time. Im willing to move up a week or so if it will help to go during lower crowd times. Hi Suzanne!

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Crowds will also be higher the second half of March compared to the first half due to spring breaks. The week of March 5th through the 11th looks great for crowds and prices. Is this going to be one of those super crowded weeks or can I count on, hopefully, moderate to slightly busy crowds? Hi Lynn! Hope you have a great trip. Hi Justi! It really depends on when Easter falls. We had a great time with overall low crowd levels. This upcoming year Easter is later in April, so it will likely be very busy and pricey the first week in April. Thanks for the great tips!

We are planning to go November th in Just wondering why November and 18 are not included in your green i. Hi Julie! I just suggest planning carefully on those dates to avoid horrendous crowds! It didnt rain once.. We did dodge the hurricane; however, I did have friends that were there that week and even when the parks closed for the day which they never do , they said that Disney was more then hospitable and it all worked out fine.

For us we were able to spend time at the pool and water park. Blizzard Beach had just closed to start renovations for next year. In fact, the only downside visiting during an off season is that attractions may be closed.. The one pool was closed at our resort as well but we were advised ahead of time. The crowds were fantastic! Of course we worked our fast passes along with the Disney App for wait times and took advantage of the extra magic hours; however, the lines were only long to see the characters.

We rode several of the special attractions mutiple times! Many, many years ago my parents would take us the 8th week of the year February was their timeshare week and the crowds were similar to what we experienced last week.. I have to add.. It was right up there with wanting to slit your wrist! Thank you so much for sharing your experience at Disney in the fall!

Where did you stay? So glad you had low crowd levels, I might have to adjust my calendar if I hear this is a pattern in mid-October. Hi Kendra! The issue is that this calendar starts on Monday instead of Saturday. I just got back yesterday, we spent the 13thth at WDW and the crowds were terrible! Well, terrible by MY standards lol.

All the crowd calendars predicted a 2 or 3, lowest of the year for my dates at the parks, and they were more like a 5 or 6! Oh, and the humidity! Being East coast Canadians, by the end of January we are sick of winter. We took our dirt Walt Disney vacation in January and loved it! It was not too busy and not too hot but much milder than the weather back home! We went again in January and have January planned already!!! My first choice is mid September. My next choice is end of January-park can be u crowded and only once have we gotten rained on but it may be too cool for outdoor swimming.

I also have enjoyed a trip during the first week of December. Magical decorations and not crowded. Awesome advice, Steph! Thanks so much for sharing, now I am even more excited to check out Disneyland. The first week in November is my hands down favorite time to visit WDW! Nice choice. I totally agree with your best dates! I also would rather swim with sharks than deal with crowds and heat, so my family and I have never visited in the summer. I would love to spend Christmas at Disney World, but never have because of the crowds and prices.

It was magical. Recently my husband and I went for a few days at the beginning of February. I am hoping to plan another February trip for he and I in My daughter and I went in early May and enjoyed the Flower and Garden festival with low crowds. I also totally agree with you that it is worth it to take the kids out of school for a week to go when crowds are low. And I am a teacher! Thanks for continuing to give great advice on how to make a Disney World trip affordable! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences at Disney, Laura! Glad you too have had good trips during these times of year.

We went September in I loved it! Their were some waits, we did a lot of kiddie rides for my 2 year old daughter, I think our longest wait but most enjoyable wait was the Winnie the Pooh ride, thankfully they have tons of activities while you wait. I really dislike large crowds full of arrogant people who seem clueless of manners. That being said the most crowded area was main side, we double timed it the castle and the crowd reduced greatly.

So good to hear, Anastasia! I am heading down for a quick trip September so I hope for similar low crowds! Planning my first family Disney trip for next year. Just curious, why not October? I was thinking first 2 weeks of Oct. Travelers like you have written , reviews and posted 78, candid photos for Walt Disney World hotels. Book your Walt Disney World vacation today!

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