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Liverpool is now focused on the Champions League and Premier League.

Philippe Coutinho's Agent Says Liverpool Return Would Be a 'Very Difficult Deal'

But the club will be scouting for potential stars to sign across Europe now that the summer transfer window is just a few months away. Below we look at potential five players Liverpool could recruit this summer. The exciting German international who is just 22 years old is reportedly a top target for Liverpool this summer.

Liverpool Starting Line Up 2019 2020(Updated Fan Pick)

He plays for RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga as a forward and has scored 11 goals in 21 matches this season. The key advantage Timo Werner will bring to the Liverpool team is his versatility. He can play on both wings and as a top striker through the middle.

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In addition, Timo Werner will be a good fit for the Liverpool front setup when you consider the fact that the Reds front men are flexible throughout a game. However, Liverpool fans should keep an eye out as Chelsea are also interested in the star man. Paulo Dybala. So, Liverpool could make a move for the Argentine forward. One of the challenges of this engagement industry is that once something is measured and the benefits of it are identified it becomes a business KPI.

Enter Goodharts Law. So he sets the goal to double the number of calls. Sure enough the number of calls double but business falls, why? Because low quality easy calls are prioritised rather than the lengthier calls that end in business.

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So back to Klopp. To consider how he does that lets consider the next element in the Klopp approach and that it is being inclusive. The first thing that defines the Klopp culture is that it is inclusive and this approach goes a long way beyond the first team. That they were all part of it. When someone told him that some corporate customers had given up their VIP seats he personally picked up the phone to see if they would reconsider. Its amusing to imagine how the call would have gone. He lined them all up in the dining hall and introduced them to the players.

Everyone there should be henceforth on first name terms. It was a gesture that spoke to walls coming down. Klopp explained to the whole group that they all had a responsibility to help each other achieve their best. Creating that sense of inclusivity, a sense of family is critical to the Klopp approach. Klopp more than anything excels at these soft skills. Klopp works hard to make the players feel valued.

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In Bring the Noise former Dortmund press officer Josef Schneck recounts how he had mentioned in passing that his mother was soon about to turn It is not the norm to have such a close bond in a team of football players. Former Bayern player Bonfim Dante. Bayern player Frank Ribery made what many regarded as a public dig at Guardiola after the Catalan left the club.

Former Bayern player Medhi Benatia described Guardiola as distant from the players he manages. The writer Tony Schwartz says that the objective of bosses should be to envisage themselves as chief energy officers — and that means transferring inclusive energy of the sort that Klopp uses. She says that often leaders think that we shouldnt express emotions at work, but in fact this bond seems to unlock a better performance in workers. Here Professor Barsade describes her research looking at the impact of this companionate love among workers in a care home.

And it certainly works. As an extrovert he tries to communicate that everyone needs to play a part in creating a team dynamic. Klopp there mentioned Karen and Caroline — part of the staff at Melwood Training ground — part of that line-up. Klopp has a philosophy of entertainment. In interviews he clearly empathetises that people who go and watch games are looking for colour in their lives, the games should be a release of passion,. Bundesliga he seemed to be sent to the stands [by referees] every four weeks because he often had no control over his emotions.

Now he has them mostly under control. The obsession of bringing everyone close has led to some misteps. Early in his reign Klopp was annoyed that fans were leaving the game early. This led to some awkward moments. The goal prompted home fans to flock for the exits.

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To try to change this leaving mentality after one game Klopp took the team out to take a bow and salute the Kop at the end of a draw with West Brom. It was intended as a thank you to those who stayed. Some saw it as revelling in taking a point from the Baggies. In Klopp spoke to legendary sport journalist Donald McRae. Klopp mentioned a secret unfulfilled desire to be a doctor. An article by the journalist Melissa Reddy in October reports that the culture of closeness had never felt better.

This brings us on to our final part of the Klopp formula. Psychological safety is a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking. Damien Hughes works with teams across the premiership, international rugby and more. He explains what the absence of safety might look like. So how does Klopp build this safety? He urges his team to Take chances:.

Mo Sala and Sadio Mane are running in. So it makes no sense to trust what people who are not involved in the process think. Whatever the world says about him, or thinks about him — he delivers. One of the ways that this safety is reinforced is the way that mistakes are dealt with. The story of that game was of the two goal deficit being down to two calamitous goal keeping errors by loris karius.

The first where karius absent mindedly rolled the ball into the path of the right foot of Karim Benzema. But here is Klopp minutes after that defeat unwilling to blame the keeper. Of course after the drama Karius saw the data of Ian Graham suggest he should be displaced by a record signing of the Brazilian Allison and then sent on a 2 year loan to a team in Turkey. This psychological safety is reliant on honesty and candid discussion.

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