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In-ground bait stations are installed at regular intervals around a home or near sites that are at high risk of termite attack.

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Finding and treating termites is never an exact science. Termites are not actually attracted to the bait stations. A pest control technician checks the stations on a regular basis and can tell when there has been termite activity inside a station.

Termites that never feed directly at the bait stations can also be affected by sharing of food or grooming within the colony. Termite baiting usually results in a gradual decline in termite numbers, while some baits may even eradicate entire termite colonies.

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The termite monitors are left in place after control is assumed so that any new infestations can be treated as well with ongoing monitoring and re-baiting as needed. There are many advantages to a baiting system for termites; it is very customer-friendly. Why Pests Love Florida. May 29, — Pest Control.

Why do pests love to call Florida home? The short answer: What's not to like? Here are 7 reasons why pests love Florida.

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In cooler climates, insects tend to die off or go into hibernation. Florida's moderate temps allow pest colonies to grow larger All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Schedule Free Inspection. Prevention Green Pest Control. Termite Termite Control Termite Control vs.

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Need to return somethng? Simply return it to us with your name and address. No questions asked. Ants don't feed on solid foods.

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That's why granules and solid baits don't work. The worker ants must carry solid foods back to the nest where it is fed to the immature ants. The solid food is digested by the immatures and fed back to the workers and queens as a liquid. This is why liquid baits are the key to ant control.